Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

Nutrition Response Testing in Portsmouth, NH

If you are experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, or illnesses that do not respond to conventional medicine, it is time to try nutrition response testing in Portsmouth, NH. Here at the Atlantic Chiropractic Center our chiropractor Dr. Clough is trained to use NRT. He provides this service as part of a holistic approach to determine what is causing your condition. Learn more about what nutrition response testing is and how you can benefit from this type of treatment.

 Nutrition Response Testing in Portsmouth, NH.

Understanding Nutrition Response Testing

What exactly is nutrition response testing? This is a noninvasive method used to analyze the body and look for causes of illness. After you have been tested using this system, we can then use nutrition to help your body repair itself from the inside out. This allows you to achieve optimal health and wellness through natural means. Once you have been tested we can provide your body with nutritional correction.

Benefits of Nutrition Response Testing

If you are suffering from chronic pain or conditions, such as lower back pain, general fatigue, fibromyalgia, sciatica, or joint pain, NRT can help. Through this systematic approach, we can identify nutritional deficiencies that may cause areas of your body to be inflamed or out of balance. When the body is not in total alignment, both in the musculoskeletal system and nutritionally, this causes problems.

We can use nutrition to rebalance your systems, and also help your body heal itself more efficiently. We understand that nutrition is nature’s remedy for good health, and nutrition response testing puts this practice into action. Nutrition will also help your body recover from illness, sports injury, auto accident injury, and chronic pain.

What to Expect With NRT

When you come to see our nutrition response testing chiropractors for treatment, we begin with a health questionnaire about your current condition. Then we test your body’s neurological reflexes, which are indicators of the behavior of the nervous system. Your nervous system is responsible for the functionality of your organs, muscles, nerves, joints, and glands. Therefore, by testing these reflexes we can see how your natural energy flows throughout the system.

Our nutrition response testing practitioners are well trained in providing this type of diagnostic method. We do not use needles, drugs, surgical methods, or x-rays to perform nutrition response testing. Instead, we conduct simple reflex tests with your body to determine how well your nervous system responds. Where we see a lack of response we understand that this area is under stress and needs nutrition to rebalance the area. We then provide nutritional counseling to get your body back on the right path.

Meet Our Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners

Are you ready to experience the holistic method of self-health care in Portsmouth, NE? Then it is time to meet our nutrition response testing practitioners. Dr. Clough has received extensive advanced training in chiropractic techniques and modalities including NRT. Contact our office today at (603) 436-9229 to schedule your appointment.