Pro-Adjuster Service at Atlantic Chiropractic Center, Our Portsmouth Chiropractor

When you come in to see your Portsmouth chiropractor at Atlantic Chiropractic Center, we’ll provide you with a thorough examination to determine the best way to help you reduce any pain you have and improve your mobility. We work one-on-one with you to create the best possible treatment plan for your needs. In some cases, we’ll use specialized equipment for this process including the Pro-Adjuster.

Woman getting Pro-Adjuster treatment for her neck pain.

What Is a Pro-Adjuster?

When you visit our office, we’ll answer any questions you have about our procedures, techniques, and equipment. The Pro-Adjuster is a tool used to reduce pain and to improve comfort during a chiropractic adjustment to the neck or the back. This tool allows our team to adjust your nervous system, and the pain signals that originate from it, so as to create a pain-free experience.

To work, the Pro-Adjuster analyzes the situation and then treats the underlying cause of your pain along the spinal column. This speeds up the healing process. Many times, it has been called a breakthrough in the healing process.

How Does the Pro-Adjuster Work?

To provide more detail, consider that this tool is able to gather important information about your spinal column and pain points. When there is improper motion in the joint fluidity, rigidity, or motion, the Pro-Adjuster can pick up on this. In many ways, it does the same thing your chiropractor does when assessing your spinal column, but it does so in a faster, more effective manner. It provides very precise information. As a result of the use of this tool, we can create a more customized treatment for your needs.

What Should You Expect at Your Portsmouth Chiropractic Clinic?

When you visit your Portsmouth chiropractic clinic for care, we’ll discuss the type of pain you have and the best treatment for it. If you have neck pain or back pain, we may use the Pro-Adjuster. It does not cause any harm to you while it assesses your spinal column. Many people say it is very gentle and even relaxing.

During the procedure, the sensor in the tool will respond and register information about the condition of your spinal column. It then allows for a very precise and accurate adjustment to be made. It works to improve the function of the joints that are not working properly and, most often, causing your pain. It works using soft tips that do not damage the skin but do change the location and motion of the vertebrae in your spine, creating the change you need to see reduced pain.

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The Pro-Adjuster is one of many state-of-the-art tools we have available at Atlantic Chiropractic center. When you schedule a consultation and exam with your chiropractor in Portsmouth, you’ll have access to many tools that can drastically change the way you feel and move. Let us help you with neck pain, back pain, or other discomforts. To get started, call our offices today for an appointment at (603) 436-9229.