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Benefits of Pro-Adjuster

Benefits of Pro-Adjuster at Our Chiropractic Clinic in Portsmouth

When you visit your Portsmouth chiropractic clinic, you’ll have access to the highest level of care available. Our team works hand-in-hand with you to determine what your options are for improving pain levels and quality of life. One of the tools available to you at Atlantic Chiropractic Center is the Pro-Adjuster.

Woman with lower back pain.

How Your Portsmouth Chiropractor Uses the Pro-Adjuster

During your consultation and exam with your Portsmouth chiropractor, we’ll talk about each one of your options for healing and wellbeing. To provide a customized solution, though, we need information. The Pro-Adjuster provides very precise information to us about where the problem areas in your spine are and also provides us with the means to resolve them.

Why Should You Use a Pro-Adjuster for Neck Pain or Back Pain?

When you come in for neck pain or back pain, we’ll use the Pro-Adjuster to locate problem areas and then to apply gentle, but highly effective and precise adjustments to your spinal column. The benefits of this method are numerous:

  • It is very gentle and even comfortable.
  • It provides us with the ability to offer very precise treatment. This means more accuracy with your care.
  • You’ll likely notice improvement right away.
  • The Pro-Adjuster can offer a faster result than just using a chiropractor.
  • It speeds up the healing process, offering an incredible solution to reducing your pain.

Those who are struggling with neck pain, back pain, or other forms of pain often develop subluxations or areas in the spinal column where the fluid and nerves cannot flow properly. With the Pro-Adjuster, we find those areas faster, treat them immediately, and speed up the natural healing process. This creates pain relief for you.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Chiropractor in Portsmouth to Get Started

Visit Atlantic Chiropractic Center to meet with your chiropractor in Portsmouth for a comprehensive exam. Let’s find the problem and begin treating it right away. To learn more about the Pro-Adjuster, call us for an appointment and examination. Start feeling better sooner with advanced care. Call: 603-436-9229.