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Chiropractic Care for Allergy Relief

Chiropractic Care and Allergies

Chiropractic care is best known for treating back pain, but it also has the benefit of reducing your allergy symptoms. An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system overreacts to contact with an allergen such as pollen, dust or mold. As a result, you experience symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing or hives. Some people suffer from daily allergies while others have symptoms that are seasonal or situational such as being around animals.

Woman with Allergies needs to get chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care provides a natural solution for your allergic reactions. Instead of taking medications to alleviate your symptoms,  you discover how spine alignment and allergies are opposite sides of a natural healing coin. If you live in or near the Portsmouth, NH area, we want to show you the benefit of chiropractic care for allergies.

Atlantic Chiropractic Allergies Study

Our Portsmouth chiropractor, Dr. Clough, uses gentle spinal adjustments to reduce your allergy symptoms. A spine alignment improves the way your nervous symptom operates, which enhances your immune system. When your immune system is operating better and your brain and spinal cord are receiving proper nerve signals, your response to allergens decreases. This correlation was examined in a chiropractic allergies study released in 2003 by The Internet Journal of Orthopedic Surgery.  The results of the study show that vertebrae misalignment was common in the studies participants and that approximately 70 percent showed improvement in their allergies with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Work and Food Allergies

Dr. Clough helps you eliminate your allergy symptoms including those that result from food allergies. At Atlantic Chiropractic Center, we use Nutritional Response Testing to determine how your body reacts when in contact with certain foods. If a food weakens your strength, you may have an allergy or sensitivity to that substance. Dr. Clough shows you how to develop a healthy eating plan that eliminates food allergy triggers so you can live symptom-free.

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Our chiropractic services work together to bring allergy relief. From aligning your spine and improving nerve signal flow to reducing food allergies, our treatments are natural and bring lasting relief. If you are struggling with daily sneezing, itching eyes, running nose, skin irritations or hives or other allergy symptoms, we encourage you to contact us today at 603-436-9229.