Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises and Chiropractic Care

When you begin chiropractic care at Atlantic Chiropractic Center, you discover our holistic approach to injury recovery and improved wellness. Our Portsmouth chiropractor, Dr. Wayne Clough believes in the body's ability to restore itself when it is positioned properly and functioning well. Part of improving your body's functioning lies in our physical therapy services. Physical therapy includes a variety of corrective exercises to reduce your recovery time, boost your health and decrease your risk of future injuries and physical challenges. Corrective exercises partner with our chiropractic adjustments so your holistic care plan is developed without medications and unwanted side effects.

Corrective Exercises for Injury Recovery and Improved Health

During your initial visit, Dr. Clough evaluates your condition and determines which of our services will best meet your recovery needs. If you have suffered an injury from an auto accident, for example, Dr. Clough may gentle adjustments to position your neck and back, but then also suggest flexibility exercises to restore muscular balance and mobility. Our physical therapists use a variety of tools during your corrective exercises. Some of your exercise sessions may include yoga to improve flexibility or the use of foam rollers to massage the deep layers of muscle tissue and improve your range of motion. Our physical therapists also use strengthening devices which may include weights, resistance bands or your body's weight to enhance muscular tone. Our corrective exercises are beneficial for a variety of conditions including:

  • Chronic ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Exercise improves blood flow throughout the body which helps to lessen inflammation and pain. Corrective exercises also restore muscular balance and help to keep joints in their proper positions.
  • Back pain. Whether your back pain is from a misaligned spine, a pinched nerve or a herniated disc, your chiropractic care program may include corrective exercises to strengthen your core and restore muscular balance. These help you maintain proper posture and lessen your pain.
  • Joint pain. If you are struggling with pain in your shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, elbows or wrists, our physical therapy sessions focus on strengthening muscles that support these joints. We also teach your stretching exercises to keep joints in a healthy and pain-free position.
  • Injuries from auto, work or sports. Our chiropractor uses corrective exercises as part of your injury recovery plan. If you are dealing with pain from a sudden injury such as an auto accident or an overuse injury from work or sports, our exercises sessions decrease your pain and improve your resistance to future injuries.

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Dr. Clough uses a complete approach to decreasing your pain, healing your injuries and improving your health. Part of your chiropractic care plan includes corrective exercises which are designed to meet your specific needs. Our chiropractor may recommend our yoga classes or our weight loss sessions when appropriate for your body. If you are searching for a natural health care approach or want more information on how exercise can decrease your discomfort, please contact us today at 603-436-9229.