Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment from Our Local Chiropractor in Portsmouth

Neck pain can range between nuisances to debilitating. Constant neck pain can be so annoying, it can interfere with your daily activities and even interrupt a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, if you have neck pain and are located near Portsmouth, our chiropractic treatment can help. At Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we offer neck pain treatment that’s customized to each patient’s needs for optimal, long-term relief of pain. Our neck pain treatment focuses on identifying and then treating the underlying cause of neck pain while promoting better spinal health to help prevent painful symptoms from recurring. And it all starts with a comprehensive evaluation to uncover that root cause.

Man with neck pain getting his neck looked at by a chiropractor.

What causes neck pain?

The neck comprises the upper portion of the spine called the cervical spine. Like the rest of your spine, the cervical spine contains many nerves that carry signals from the brain to every other part of the body and back again. In order to reach those other parts of the body, the nerves exit the spine via small openings between each pair of vertebrae. In the neck, nerves exit the spine and travel to the arms and hands, shoulders and upper back.

Sometimes, these nerves become compressed or irritated where the exit the spine, and the normal nerve signaling is interrupted. Instead, what you feel is neck pain, or pain in the shoulders, upper back or arms. You might also feel other symptoms like burning or tingling sensations or numbness; sometimes the pain can be a dull ache, and other times it can feel like an abrupt electrical shock. Over time, diminished nerve signaling can even result in muscle weakness in the arms and hands.

Nerve compression and irritation can be caused by traumatic injuries, repetitive movements or overuse, poor posture and even carrying heavy loads, like a heavy backpack or purse. Spending hours bent over a smartphone or laptop is another common cause of chronic neck pain. Sometimes, painful symptoms develop when a disc slips out of its normal position between the vertebrae. Whatever the underlying cause, chiropractic treatment can almost always be extremely effective in relieving symptoms and even preventing them from recurring.

Neck Pain Treatment from a Portsmouth Chiropractor

As a trusted Portsmouth chiropractor, Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation offers neck pain treatment that’s focused on each patient’s specific symptoms, medical condition, lifestyle and other factors. Treatments begin with a hands-on evaluation of the neck and upper spine as well as a review of the patient’s symptoms and habits. During the evaluation, passive and active movements can help pinpoint the location or source of the pain.

Once the evaluation is complete, treatment usually includes an adjustment of the cervical spine to relieve nerve compression and irritation. Adjustments combined with massage can also help promote circulation and lymphatic drainage that play key roles in healing. Finally, patients will receive guidance to improve habits that could be causing or contributing to symptoms. Having routine spinal adjustments is a great way to help prevent symptoms from coming back.

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