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Whether you've been injured around the house or on the job, you may be experiencing a host of painful, challenging or even totally debilitating symptoms. Such an injury cannot only keep you away from your source of income, but it can also destroy your ability to function in everyday life or get any enjoyment out of that life. That's when you need Atlantic Chiropractic Center. We're more than happy to provide you with a high standard of personal injury treatment and support for your workers compensation in Portsmouth.

"Personal injury" is something of a catch-all phrase to describe any damage suffered by an individual's body, as opposed to personal or commercial property damage. It encompasses everything from sports injuries and workplace accidents to household mishaps such as slip-and-fall injuries. These injuries can easily cause serious problems for your musculoskeletal and/or nervous system. Examples includes:

  • Severe back strain from attempting to lift a heavy object at work, leaving you with torn muscles and possibly a herniated disc that affects nerve function
  • Work-related repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or neck strain
  • An auto collision that throws your neck out of alignment, producing the telltale symptoms of whiplash
  • A fall in your home that disturbs the alignment of your vertebral joints and discs

A personal injury may cause intense pain at the site of the damage itself, or (if nerve impingement is involved) it may refer pain and other uncomfortable signals to other parts of the body. A herniated disc sustained in a work injury, for instance, may cause leg pain by pressing against the sciatic nerve roots, even though the damage is centered in the lower back.

The Natural Approach to Portsmouth Personal Injury Treatment

Conservative care is always the safest and most sensible way to approach many musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Our Portsmouth chiropractor, Dr. Wayne Clough, can treat your personal injury without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic adjustment can help restore your joint to their normal working order, reliving pain and stiffness while also shifting dislocated structures away from sensitive nerves. We also offer massage therapy to ease pain and promote healing. Corrective exercises can then rebuild those tissues and help them regain full range of motion so you can get back to work or other activities.

Our Chiropractor in Portsmouth Handles Workers Compensation Cases

If your employer provides workers compensation, you may receive coverage for your medical expenses, including chiropractic care. But it's all too easy for inadequate documentation to sabotage a workers compensation claim. Our chiropractor in Portsmouth has handled many workers compensation cases and knows how to provide you with solid documented evidence to establish your injury, along with the legitimate need for your personal injury treatment.

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