Atlantic Chiropractic Center Offers Yoga for Health and Wellness

Regular exercise helps your body in a wide variety of ways, to strengthen muscles, improve balance, enhance flexibility and relieve stress. The practice of yoga offers many benefits to individuals who prefer to avoid high impacts activities because it can strengthen the musculoskeletal system to achieve better overall function. At Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth, NH, we offer yoga classes to increase flexibility, strength, and wellness.

Yoga Is an Ancient Health Practice

Yoga has been practiced in Asian for thousands of years, to strengthen the body, improve breathing and quiet the mind. The method uses standard positions, called “asana” to focus on particular parts of the body and achieve an integrated feeling of calm, control and wellbeing. It also includes controlled breathing patterns that carry oxygen throughout the body for better health. The practice can be tailored to different levels of physical fitness, which makes it a valuable method for improving physical health and emotional serenity.

Yoga and Back Strength

Many yoga positions include bending and stretching motions that relieve pressure on discs, muscles, and nerves of the spinal column. In addition, positions that involve twisting the central core of the body strengthen the back muscles, as well as abdominal muscles, which improve spinal function for everyday movement. Yoga also increases flexibility in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, legs, and ankles, for better balance, flexibility and improved mobility.

Yoga for Stress Management and Emotional Well Being

The experience of pain is a complex process that involves many factors. It can increase the feeling of stress and affect your ability to enjoy everyday activities and pleasures. Yoga offers a way to not only improve your physical condition but also to find mental relaxation and peace of mind. These benefits help to improve your physical wellbeing and manage health issues with a greater sense of control and serenity.

Make Atlantic Chiropractic Center Your Chiropractor for Yoga Classes

Dr. Clough and the staff at Atlantic Chiropractic Center use their extensive training and years of experience to improve the health of their patients in Portsmouth, NH and nearby communities. We offer a range of therapies to help relieve pain and improve function. We offer both individual training and group classes in yoga. You can call Atlantic Chiropractic Center today at (603) 436-9229 for an appointment to learn more about our yoga classes and techniques to improve strength and spinal function.