Yoga and Back Health

Yoga and Back Health Information from Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth

Yoga is an ancient practice that has the ability to transform the lives of its devotees. It connects the mind, body, and spirit through a combination of asanas (poses), breathing and meditation. Researchers have observed the positive effect of yoga on treating diseases, managing pain and rehabilitating injuries. Recently, our Portsmouth chiropractors here at Atlantic Chiropractic Center have started using yoga as a means to relieve pain, increase strength and flexibility, and deeply relax.

woman smiling and holding a yoga mat after a group yoga session at Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been shown to have positive effects on heart disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, epilepsy, addiction problems, neck and back pain and much more. In addition to physical rehabilitation, the added relaxation response can decrease pain. Research shows that as little as two yoga sessions for eight weeks can help patients make significant improvements in strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Yoga and Back Strength

Over time, you will develop a better range of motion, strength, balance and better posture. As yoga focuses on correctly aligning the poses and equally stretching each side, your body’s alignment will improve as you continue your practice.

Poses that Promote Back Strength and Back Support

Your spine is crucial for the health of the rest of your body. A great way to stretch your back is through twists. Popular twisting poses are Bharadvaja’s twist, extended side angle pose, extended triangle pose, half-moon pose and half lord of the fishes pose. Other poses that encourage range of motion include camel pose, cat and cow pose, fish pose, and dolphin or downward dog pose. Boat pose, chair pose and bridge pose are also great options for strengthening the back, while simultaneously improving other parts of the body, like the abdominals and legs.

Increased Awareness and Stress Relief

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, it can also effectively decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. Breathwork and meditation are deeply connected to stress relief and relaxation. As the muscles in the back and body relax from the physical movements, they also soften from the tension that is released during and after your yoga practice. Yoga focuses on the present moment, which can also help manage feelings of stress, anxiety, and guilt.

The more you practice yoga, the better your results will be. With time and the help of a certified yoga teacher or physical therapist, you will find yourself becoming a calmer and stronger person, with less chronic pain.

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