Sports Injury Treatment

No matter how old or how athletic you are, it’s important to understand that injuries can happen from time to time. But when these injuries do occur, it’s vital to see a healthcare specialist to help you get back in the game. For effective treatment for your sports injury, head on over to Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth. We are proud to offer quality chiropractic care for all sorts of sports injuries. Keep reading to find out more information on the types of injuries we treat.

No matter how old or how athletic you are, it’s important to understand that injuries can happen from time to time.

Types of Injuries Treated By Our Chiropractor

Given the wide variety of sports out there, injuries can be minor or extremely severe. Luckily, Atlantic Chiropractic Center is here to help with pain relief and discomfort to have you feeling your best. Take a look at a few common injuries that we treat:

Joint Pain

No matter the sport being played, joint pain is very common. Over time, our joints can take a beating and a great deal of pain can be caused. This pain and discomfort can lead to many issues throughout the body. Our chiropractor can rejuvenate your joints and help keep your body at optimal health. 

Knee Problems

Especially in sports like soccer, basketball, and football, our knees can take a beating. Over time, it’s common to have problems in this area. But if you don’t seek treatment quickly, you can end up having knee problems for years. Our chiropractor can use chiropractic manipulation to increase your range of motion and put your knee issues behind you. 

Shoulder Issues

Sports that involve a lot of overhead motion tend to cause issues in the shoulder. Those who play baseball are especially susceptible, but other sports also tend to cause shoulder discomfort. We have a chiropractor who can provide manual adjustments, massage therapy, and other treatments focused on shoulder pain relief and injury prevention.

Elbow Discomfort

Playing sports can also put a great deal of pain on the elbow. If not fixed quickly, many athletes are forced to have surgery in this area. However, if you see our chiropractor for elbow care, he will be able to help you prevent future injuries to the elbow and the treat the issue when it occurs.

Hip Pain

Hip discomfort is also common with athletes of all ages. In addition, this type of pain can cause other issues throughout the body. Luckily, we have a chiropractor who can offer corrective exercises, adjustments, and other solutions focused on this issue.

No matter what type of sports injury you’re dealing with, our professional chiropractic team can offer exceptional chiropractic care that are focused on your needs. Contact Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Portsmouth today at (603) 436-9229 for your chiropractic treatment.