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Video Fluoroscopy (Video X-Ray)  

Videofluoroscopy (VF) of the cervical spine is a potentially sensitive diagnostic tool for evaluating instability, as it offers the ability to examine relative inter-vertebral movement over time, and across the entire continuum of voluntary movement of the patient. 

Neuro Emotional Technique

Dr. Wayne Clough and the team at Atlantic Chiropractic Center have long been committed to seeking innovative, natural ways to promote health and wellness. We believe in the remarkable healing powers of the human body and how chiropractic care can help facilitate those powers. We are also pleased to be your neuro-emotional technique practitioner in Portsmouth, offering a non-invasive technique to help resolve a variety of physical and emotional issues.


NET Technique Portsmouth: An Ancient Premise

The NET technique Portsmouth residents have access to at Atlantic Chiropractic Center has its roots in ancient natural healing techniques like acupuncture. It utilizes pressure points along the wrist and head to determine the core causes of physical and emotional distress and seeks to remove blockages to help the body heal itself.

Common Problems Neuro Emotional Therapy Can Address

Neuro Emotional Technique is often used in the treatment of common issues like headaches, body pains, and organ dysfunction. It can be helpful in relieving phobias, anxiety and in resolving self-sabotaging behaviors. It seeks to correct negative “triggers” that can be the cause of the negative behavior. The goal of NET is not to cure the patient by itself, but to be used in concert with other therapies to remove psycho-emotional blocks. Once these blocks are removed, the body is more capable of helping itself naturally.

Promoting Physical and Emotional Balance

Like other therapies and wellness services provided at Atlantic Chiropractic Center, Neuro-Emotional Technique is designed to provide balance to the mind and body through non-invasive modalities. NET connects pressure points with organs, and organs with various emotions, working toward physical and emotional balance.

NET releases the circulation for the body organs through pulse points that balance the brain centers. This can help in the release of toxins in the body through lymphatic drainage and provides relief from a variety of issues including acid reflux. nasal problems, and others.

NET serves to connect the patient with earlier traumas, serving as a bio-feedback loop. Emotionally, patients often feel a sense of relief following NET with less anxiety about whatever was bothering them. They seem to feel more “connected” and less stressful. They are more capable of moving on from injuries and ailments that may have an unseen, emotional connection.

Discover the exciting potential of NET by making an appointment at Atlantic Chiropractic Center today.

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