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Success Stories

These are some of our testimonials:

Atlantic Chiropractic

Chronic Sciatica
Rating : 5/5 
Alice P.


As a patient of Dr. Wayne Clough, I cannot say enough for what he has done for me in such a short amount of time. To be brief, I started having aches and pains in my hands, arms, through my body, down to my toes. I could not snap my fingers, or even cover myself with my blankets at night without pain. I felt that I was falling apart! Two months ago I started my weekly visits with the doctor having adjustments and taking natural supplements. During my treatment, my aches and pains have subsided at least 90%, with improvement each week. I am able to move without much pain, stretch, deep breaths, lift objects, snap my fingers, etc. This experience has been extremely positive, not only physically, but mentally as well. Now I am able to be that happy go lucky person I always have been.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Body Aches & Pains
Rating : 5/5 
J. Stephens


When I first went to Dr. Clough I suffered from chronic sciatica and had very limited mobility. My gait was not normal, and I walked with a small shuffling step and used a cane. I had a great deal of difficulty getting in and out of a car or any activity that required me to lift my foot or leg (getting in or out of the tub, etc.). I had constant muscles spasms in my back and leg cramps. I also had a lot of numbness & tingling in my shoulder and arms which made it impossible to hold my new granddaughter for more than a few seconds. I could not turn my head more than a few inches either way. I was on heavy pain medication. I also suffer from impaired kidney function and was very toxic. All this made it impossible to even lay down in the bed and as a result of loss of sleep my nerves were raw and my emotions unbalanced.
After finding no help from conventional doctors I was very depressed and on the verge of giving up.
After beginning treatment I began to regain my mobility and experienced a release of toxins with each adjustment. After about two months of treatment was able to walk without the cane. I can now sleep in my bed again and my sleep pattern is beginning to return to normal. My pain medication is drastically reduced.
Personally, I find Dr. Clough to be a kin, caring person. He is intuitive and a good listener. He is very humble and I never fell "talked down" to. He is quick to learn new techniques and therapies. I feel like he's given me back my life.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Car Accident
Rating : 5/5 
Tracy S.


I originally went to Dr. Clough because I was in a car accident and was having problems with my back and neck. Little did I know that he was a miracle worker at the same time.
I had been seeing doctors because I was having severe stomach pains every time I ate something. My primary care doctor had put me on medication for 3 months that didn't help me at all. She requested that have an ultrasound to at several of my organs. The ultrasound found that all was fine. I was then referred to an gastroenterologist. I went through several procedures and different medications. The doctor could find nothing wrong and the medication did not help. I felt like I was going to have to live the rest of my life this way.
I never thought that a chiropractor could work on your organs as well as muscles, nerves, bones, etc.
On my very first visit he checked my whole body and he knew right away was wrong with me and was very positive that I would be feeling better in no time. I have been seeing Dr. Clough on a regular basis and I have to say that he is truly a miracle worker. I finally feel like myself again. I trust Dr. Clough whole heartedly with any suggestions or recommendations that he may suggest regarding my treatment plan. I recommend him to anyone for any kind of medical problems they may have. He can help you and its better than having to have surgery when it's not necessary or even taking medications that are not good for you. You will not be disappointed!

Atlantic Chiropractic

Great With Babies
Rating : 5/5 
Tracy S.


He's great with babies. He has helped my 10 month old who had an extremely hard time going poop and he didn't go very often. Dr. Clough has helped him to be regualr and go everyday without the pain he was having before.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Senior Care age 94
Rating : 5/5 


Shortly before I returned to New Hampshire. I began to experience acute pain in my side followed by back pain. The pain was so severe I was unable to sit, walk or stand for more than a few moments at a time. I could not dress my and had difficult time eating or performing even the most simple tasks. I was told my pain was caused from severe arthritis in my back. Even with the prescribed Percocet, I found little relief.
After hearing of my condition, a neighbor suggested I go to Atlantic Chiropractic to see if Dr. Clough could help me. And that he did! After a few short weeks I was able to return to life as normal. I love to read and was especially happy to be able to sit and read for extended periods of time as I had done in the past.
Another problem which I suffered with for several years was severe, uncontrollable itching on my hands, feet, arms, legs and shoulders. Quite often my skin would be raw and bleeding from the constant itching. I tried numerous creams and lotions, both over-the-counter and prescription, but never received any lasting relief. My skin was extremely sensitive to various fabrics. I mentioned this to Dr. clough during one of my visits for my back and he said he was certain he could help me. Although it seemed highly unlikely because of the years spent suffering with this ailment, we decided it was certainly worth trying. He gave me pills and drops to take and miraculously I am no longer plagued with the itching. It didn't happen overnight but the treatment he prescribed definitely worked.
Thank you Dr. Clough!

Atlantic Chiropractic

Rating : 5/5 
Ray S.


Dear Dr. Clough,
Who would ever think that on a Sunday morning, at 5:30, I would be sitting here writing a letter, let alone having enough energy to get up before 7am to go to work.
A while ago, I went to my doctor for a physical, and had to have some blood work, etc. When I received the results of high cholesterol, and was told my triglycerides were off the chart, I felt there was something I had to do.
This is course where you came in. I can remember quite distinctly when we had a discussion about how I was feeling and what it would be like to be able to keep up with my grandkids. You suggested I should decrease simple sugars, add fish to my diet, exercise, and other life style changes to help get my weight down and help raise the HDL.
It has been about 4 months and behold, after losing 35 lbs, going to the gym, watching what I eat (by reading the label of packages) I have more energy and feel good about myself. I can't wait to be with the grandkids. I look forward going to the gym every other day. I have you to thank for setting me straight, and now I can't wait to go to work! I feel so much better. The nutritional supplements you put me on has helped me a great deal, as well.
I'm eating the proper foods, and when I go shopping, I don't even want to pick up anything I think might put on weight. My latest blood work shows that my triglycerides are in the normal range.
I now have my siblings and grandkids watch what they eat and talk to them about proper foods and exercising. You have no idea how m life has changed. It's the best thing I could do for me.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Compassionate & Caring
Rating : 5/5 
Marie S.


I am happy to recommend Dr. Wayne Clough, DC as my doctor and friend. He is honest, caring and most compassionate. If you are in pain he listens attentively and reflects the pain in his eyes! I have seen so many people he has helped and never a negative word against Dr. Clough.
He is very knowledgeable and has the latest machines and technology to help others.
I am 87 years and have suffered many falls resulting in broken bones. He has always been there to help the pain!
I live alone, and do all my housework with no help. I walk with a cane because of a balance problem. But each day I go out and can walk for more than an hour as I enjoy every step.
May God bless Dr. Clough for all his caring and help.
His staff is wonderful too!

Atlantic Chiropractic

Aching Relief
Rating : 5/5 
M. O'Brien


Dear Dr. Clough,
I wanted to thank you for your chiropractic care and helping me to improve and/or eliminate my pain and other general health complaints over the past few months. My complaints consisted of "aching all over" to, more specifically, having numbness and pain in my arms and wrists, lower back pain, and a general lack of energy. I attributed some of my aches and pains to ageing and overwork, while I'd seen other physicians to treat - for example, arthritis in my neck for which pain and anti-inflammatory medicines were prescribed - I considered "untreatable" and something I just needed to "learn to live with." Needless to say, I frequently found myself feeling depressed over this situation.
After explaining how I felt to a neighbor who is one of your patients, she suggested I visit you for a consultation. You found that I had several issues for which chiropractic and holistic health care could improve, and we started on a path to what I consider remarkable changes for the better and improved overall health and outlook on life. For example, my lower back and legs ached while ascending a staircase - now I no longer have any aches during this activity. I found it painful to get in and out of my car and couldn't turn my head to look side-to-side without experiencing pain; now I can do both relatively pain-free and with a significantly improved range of motion. Also, I could not write in longhand (e.g. a handwritten letter or thank you note) without pain building up in my wrist and hand to the point I'd have to stop writing until the pain subsided. I'm happy to say that I can now write in longhand without feeling that pain. These are just a few examples, but many other "aches and pains" are gone, and I hope gone for good! Plus, I find myself being more optimistic and having a decidedly "sunnier outlook" on life.
We have more work to do for a cu0le of my health complaints, but my experience and progress to this point has been so positive, that I'm confident that we'll see vast improvements on these complaints as well. I can't you thank you - or my neighbor for referring me to you - enough for the hope and healing that's been given to me.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Scoliosis Relief
Rating : 5/5 
Sally S.


I initially went to see Dr. Clough because I was experiencing severe lower back pain and having frequent muscle spasms in my back which were negatively impacting my life and severely limiting my daily activities. Prior to seeing Dr. Clough, I had spent over three years being treated by an orthopedic surgeon, a physical therapist and several traditional chiropractors who re-aligned my spine through manipulation. Although each of these specialists recommended and provided treatments for my symptoms, they did not address the root of my pain which was being caused by the development of scoliosis in my spine.
Since I have been a patient of Dr. Clough, my back pain is practically non-existent and my back spasms have stopped. I have been able to resume my normal activities without experiencing discomfort and my general quality of life has improved dramatically. through his computer aided adjustments, Dr. Clough has gently realigned my spine and restored movement and flexibility to my lower back. I could not be happier. even my husband, who had watched my back pain worsen over the past few years, is amazed at the positive difference Dr. Clough's treatments have had on my back!
I would strongly recommend Dr. Clough to anyone who is experiencing problems with their spine or back muscles and is searching for viable, long term relief from the pain. His computer aided adjustments are gentle, painless, non-invasive and most of all, effective. Although, scoliosis is a condition that cannot be reversed, Dr. Clough has helped me to regain the flexibility in my spine and lower back that I had lost due to the scoliosis and I have been virtually pain free.

Atlantic Chiropractic

Sciatic Pain Relief
Rating : 5/5 
C. Sullivan


My sciatic problem started about two years ago and has bothered me off and on since then. There were times that I had all I could do to move and when I did I was in severe pain. I could not walk for any length of time or without a bad limp.
I tried acupuncture and after the treatments. I would get relief for a day and sometimes it would last for a few days. At the acupuncture clinic a suggestion was made to try chiropractic care from the Atlantic Chiropractic practice with Dr. Wayne Clough.
Dr. Clough worked with me for about a month. Each time I went for an alignment I could see improvement and I began to feel better. The type of treatment that Dr. Clough decided on for me was the Pro-Adjuster. The Pro-Adjuster was fast and more importantly it works! I am well on my way to a life without pain.
I might add that I was reluctant to use a chiropractor because my back was fused. I had a fear that the alignments would hurt my back, but with the Pro-Adjuster that cannot happen The Pro-Adjuster does not push down on the spine rather it works the spine gently from the side. I feel wonderful and with ongoing adjustments I will stay that way.

Atlantic Chiropractic

age 77 senior chiropractic care
Rating : 5/5 
P. Wilson


I was unable to stand to prepare a meal without pain in my back. After X-Rays and a spinal evaluation with a computerized machine, which indicates which area of the spine needs adjusting, Dr. Clough started spinal adjustments. For a period of time I went for adjustments 3 times a week. Now, go for an adjustment every other week. For my skeletal health this was the most effective appointment that I have ever had. Now, I am able to stand and carry on my everyday duties without pain. Dr. Clough is a skilled and proficient chiropractor, also he has regard and respect for the patient.

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