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Discover Nutritional Counseling in Portsmouth

Our Portsmouth chiropractor is dedicated to improving your overall health. At Atlantic Chiropractic Center, we use all the tools in our box to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our Portsmouth chiropractic clinic uses gentle chiropractic care to position your body into a healthy alignment which encourages the repair of injuries and proper flow of nutrients. This nutritional component is necessary to your success, so our chiropractor in Portsmouth, Dr. Clough, provides nutritional counseling in partner with your chiropractic adjustments and care.


When you discover the best foods to fuel your system, you operate at a higher level which helps you achieve fitness goals, work deadlines and life benchmarks with ease. If you are searching for a natural way to boost your overall health, repair an injury or enhance your energy level, we invite you to discover our nutritional counseling in Portsmouth.


Personalized Nutritional Plans with Our Portsmouth Chiropractor

Not all bodies respond the same way to foods. Every one of us has unique requirements, allergies, and sensitivities to foods. Dr. Clough uses nutritional response testing to evaluate the way your body reacts to foods. This testing is non-invasive and you are provided with immediate results since your body gives Dr. Clough the necessary information. If our chiropractor in Portsmouth discovers food sensitivity, you learn how to avoid these food triggers that may be increasing your pain or holding you back from feeling your best. Following your nutritional response testing, Dr. Clough speaks with you about the healthiest eating plan for your system. This may include changes such as eating larger meals earlier in the day or avoiding foods that may be causing headaches, migraines or an increase in fibromyalgia symptoms. Our goal is to educate you on what your body needs to look and feel better. As a result, you may find you achieve your weight loss goals since your body is receiving the nutrients it needs in the correct balance.

We understand nutrition can be confusing when you read conflicting information and try to discover what foods work best for your body. Dr. Clough removes the mystery through nutritional counseling.  Our Portsmouth chiropractor wants to make nutritional choices easy so you begin to feel your very best. We encourage you to begin your nutritional counseling as soon as possible so you can achieve your wellness goals and decrease health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Our Portsmouth chiropractic clinic delivers quality health information that provides a holistic approach to your wellness. There is no better time than to start today, so please contact us at (603) 436-9229 to schedule your first appointment. 

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