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Case Study

Erchonia ( Low-Level Laser Therapy )

When Laura’s nine year old Terrier Charlie suddenly developed a large lump on his right hind leg, she did what any responsible pet owner would do and rushed him to the veterinarian. The leg was so tender that Charlie could not even put weight on it at all, leaving him hobbling around on three legs. 


Week 1

The veterinarian performed two biopsies on the lump and determined that it was caused by a vascular bleed due to a tumor. After some tests the results showed no cancer thankfully, but a week after this visit the poor pup had to be brought back in for another vascular bleed. Charlie was left with a gapping wound in his leg that was at constant risk of infection and further injury. Finding a way to heal the wound seemed a daunting task, and the veterinarian was leaning towards amputation. 


Week 2

But Laura could not stomach the thought of letting her beloved boy lose his hind leg.... She thought there must be another way to heal the wound and allow Charlie to return to a normal life. That’s when she heard about Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for speeding up injury recovery. That's when she decided to bring her beloved good boy to Atlantic Chiropractic Center...


Week 3

Within the first two days of daily laser treatment on the wound, the results were dramatic! By the 6th day, the once 1 ½ inch wide circular opening was now nearly a ¼ inch exposed. On day eleven, the wound was nothing more than a small smooth scab… even the fur had grown back rapidly around it!


Week 4

Laura brought Charlie back to the veterinarian just over three weeks since the first visit when the initial devastating prognosis had been given. The doctors were absolutely stunned! They truly could not explain the seemingly miraculous recovery Charlie had made in such a rapid amount of time.


This is just one of many dramatic stories involving the incredible power of low-level laser therapy.


Here at Atlantic Chiropractic Center we utilize proven alternative healing methods to restore our patients back to full health. Low-Level Laser Therapy is just one of the many tools we use that helps your body jumpstart it’s own natural regenerating mechanism. 


Are you dealing with nagging pain from an injury or arthritis? Call us today to find out how laser therapy could help you regain your quality of life.

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